Welcome . It is such a pleasure, such a honor to say you hallo and Bienvenidos amigos. Our company great you

and invite you to visit South America ,basicaly Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.The trips organize by our company is with

such a passion , love to these Countries. We were born here, our team are from here. We love our roots We are

so close conected with the people with our History, traditions, We learned from our ancestors the respect to the nature

and We  still call to the nature Mother earth, We still considered ourselves as children of the Mother earth.

What We wish with all our organized Tours  is to be part of that, to share it with You.You will be part of our family,

In all our trips with our local guide You will be like a family ,the conection between the guide ,You and local ones will

be so close. We had such a special care  in choosing our guides.

More than 20 years of experience , in guiding, organizing tours is our warranty.During the tours You will notice every litle

detail We had such a special care in choosing places to visit ,schedules, restaurants, Hotels, because our Team was traveling

all around in Peru and South America as Trip leaders. so that is our warranty. You will have no complain, that word does not

exist in our vocabulary.

So welcome to the fantastic experience to travel with us  and be part of us ,and local families.

Your team of Edytravel pal.