About Us

A group of visionaries with more than 20 years of experience in organizing trips, in guiding all over South America and Peru, decided to challenge the status quo by establishing a new Travel Agency in Peru with a main office in Cusco City (the ancient Inca capital).

The finest group travel experience in the world with connections all over South America, offers you special trips, according to your special interests, wishes and time you have for vacations. Our experts will be there all the time for you during 24 hours. You may write us or call us anytime. Our staff speak German and English fluently, so for any trip request you will get a quick answer. Our staff are trained monthly to improve  our service. And the most important: our prices. When you book abroad USA or Europe, that company will hire another tour operator in South America. In case of Peru, most of the tour operators are in Lima city. These tour operators hire another local company in cities like Arequipa, Puno or Cusco itself, which means that every one gets its money. So your trip is going to become very expensive. Same things happen in countries like Ecuador and Bolivia. Very few companies have branches in South America.
So when you book your trip, ask: Do they have branches in South America? Ask prices, names of the hotels where you are going to overnight, since many names of hotels are similar. Ask How long does every tour last? The places described in your itinerary, are they really visited from inside and outside? What kind of van or bus is going to be used for the trips? Who is going to be your guide and what is his background? How long will you remain visiting a certain site?

When you book with us, you will get month in advance, the all list of hotels, with detailed information about the rooms. We are able to send you even your room number and a picture, then you will get from us information about your transport with detailed description of it, then the name of your guide, who is going to be. You will have an expertice, then information about your train, which car. Then we will send you a detailed description of the time you will spent in a site. As for instance, your guided tour in Machupijchu will be ! over 3 hours ! garanteed.

Finally, ask prices. You will see that our prices will be more than ! 20 % ! lower than any other tour operator from abroad, because you are booking directly with us! No intermediates! So please compare prices before booking anywhere.



Yovanna Mendoza


Born in Ollantaytambo city, she studied Tourism and Management in Cusco city, Peru.
She works for 14 years in leading German groups, her mother tongue is the Quechua language of the Incas. She lived in Germany for a time. Her love to the Incas is just amazing, her family tree comes from the Incas and she is proud of that!!


Richard Ramos


He was born in the city of Lima and studied Economy in a private university. He speaks English and German.
He works in our office and is responsible for transfers. Richard lives in Cusco city and he loves his work!


Cintia Alpaca


She was born in the city of Cusco and studied Tourism and foreign languages. She speaks English, German and intermediate Japanese. She works in the office. She provides excellent information to our future clients, basically in organizing their trips! In her mother language, she lives in Cusco and worked for many years in many Tour Operators.