Our company is a pioneer in this kind of trips for travellers between 19-35 years old. Unique experiences, like: How can we make adobe bricks to built a house? How are cooked the original dishes of the Inca time? Can we do that? Everyone is going to help! That is the way of EdyTravel: Let’s do it together!
How do the local farmers plow their fields? Can we learn? Yes, let’s do it.
A group of Peruvian visionaries with more than 20 years of experience in guiding, leading and organizing trips, founded our company. So your trips are going to be totally safe and fully warranted. We know our country like our pocket!
We offer you:
– Time for yourself, enough freedom
– Trip insurance
– You will meet and get to know many new friends
– Unique prices cheaper than any other company in USA and Europe, compare our prices!


They have a lot of experience, born in Peru and most of them were abroad, all of them speak the ancient language of the Incas. They worked with tour operators like Marco Polo, Vikinger Reisen, Miller Reisen, Celebrity Expeditions, Overseas Adventure Travel. The connection between young travellers and local people is so close, that at the end of the trip they will feel like a Peruvian!


The busses we own are very confortable, our travellers have enough place to stretch their legs. The daily journeys along the coast, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Puno and Cusco cities are very long. Passengers muss be seated hours and hours. All of our busses have toilets on board! This matter is extremely important for us.
Seats are 1 meter 60 cm high and 50 cm wide and for the legs they have 40 cm free to stretch the legs. All the seats have belts.
BUSSES TIRES All of them are new. They are changed every 3 months.
DRIVERS During the ride along the coast and highlands, a driver drives 3 hours, then his place is taken by another driver. Safety is extremely important. Peru is a country where the geography is very diverse. You will always have 2 drivers on the way.
COOLER Every bus has a cooler, all the travellers may have cold drinks on the way, because the weather along the coast of Peru during the summer is very hot.


Construction consultants provide expert proactive and forensic support for construction projects and construction claims.

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